who we are

Ekam Foundation Mumbai is a registered charitable trust under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 having commenced its work 6 years back in the city of Mumbai and Maharashtra. Ekam Foundation Mumbai is focused in its work in the area of improving child healthcare outcomes in the underprivileged sections of the society. To address the above, we have two key programmes (a) Surgery Support Programme(SSP) which provides affordable, immediate relief and medical intervention to critical health issues, and (b) School Health Programme (SHP) which addresses long term healthcare outcomes through health & hygiene awareness programmes in schools. In 2019 we have also launched our new programme – ‘Ekam Education Fund’ that will support at least 100 children in keeping them in education from institutions and schools that provide value based, all-rounded development to the poorest of the poor.

Ekam Foundation Mumbai believes that through its holistic approach encompassing both long term preventive healthcare, and, immediate tertiary health benefits, it can address issues of quality health, nutrition and wellbeing of every child irrespective of their economic status, race and religious background.


To reduce child morbidity and mortality rates and contribute to health and wellness of children in schools and communities.


To work for better quality health, education and wellbeing of every child irrespective of their economic status, race and religious background. We endeavor to complement the existing public and private health care system so as to ensure high quality, comprehensive, continuous healthcare for every infant, child, and adolescent in a timely and attendable manner.


Every child has right to a happy and healthy childhood. By gifting a life, you gift a child the ability to experience life, a chance to be happy and to succeed in life. No child should be denied quality healthcare because of their financial background. A healthy child grows up to become meaningful and productive member of society in future. Ekam Foundation Mumbai works as a complement to the existing public and private healthcare system to assist underprivileged children with their healthcare needs.


Integrity and accountability for all our actions Empathy, compassion and equality in action irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, language, social status and economic background Collaborative approach with all our external stakeholders Transparency and utmost professionalism in fund utilization.