School Wellbeing

Ekam Mumbai, along with partner organisations, has embarked on a new initiative focussing on improving school infrastructure at low end private schools in the city and has so far focused on schools in Malwani, Malad. We hope to bridge infrastructural gaps in the schools around the city via this initiative.

Installation of ECO-SAN toilets

To improve access to safe and hygienic sanitation for students, Ekam Mumbai In association with Sanitation First, a London based charity built Eco-friendly toilets for the students and staff at Al-Falah school located in Malwani, Mumbai.

Prior to the inauguration of the ecofriendly toilet blocks, Ekam Mumbai conducted training sessions for the students, teachers and staff of Al Falah School, introducing and instructing them on the correct steps to utilize and maintain ECO-SAN toilets. The training was imparted using digital presentations that introduced the concept of Eco San Toilets and it’s functioning, including the 5 steps of using the toilet along with the Do’s and Don’ts to be followed. Students were taken in groups of 4-5 each to the constructed toilets for a practical demonstration of the steps as well as to answer their queries. Students and staff were also instructed to utilize the wash basin outside the toilets to wash their hands with soap at all times.

Installation of water purifiers

With the aim of improving access to safe drinking water to school children, RO water purifiers were installed at several schools in Malwani, Malad. This successful initiative was undertaken in association with Rotary Club of Bombay and Eureka Forbes, Mumbai.

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Holy Star English School

M. H. English School

Rose Mary Eng School

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Kavi Bharthi English School

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Daulat English School

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