Kolhapur Outreach Event

Date – 25th January to 5th February, 2023

Place – Kolhapur

Ekam Foundation Mumbai, in collaboration with Lalitya Foundation, conducted its School Health Programme in five rural schools in Kolhapur district. The programme aimed to increase awareness about health and hygiene among school children and create visibility of Ekam Foundation Mumbai’s work among the grass-root community of rural areas in Kolhapur district.

The programme was held from 25th January to 5th February 2023 in Asegaon, Kale, Kolhapur. Dr Nair, Medical Director of Ekam Foundation Mumbai, the programme reached around 1200 children across five schools in Kolhapur and covered five subjects: toilet etiquettes, safe drinking water, hand washing, oral hygiene, and nutrition. The sessions were interactive and pictorial and successfully engaged the children while teaching them about the issues. During the sessions, Ekam Foundation Mumbai’s team interacted with the school principals, provided information about the NGO’s work and shared a helpline number. After the sessions, badges of health and hygiene were distributed to the children to promote awareness about the programme.