Awareness Programmes

Ekam Foundation Mumbai is actively involved in promoting community well-being through its Awareness Programmes. The School Health Programme focuses on targeted health and hygiene education, contributing to the overall health of the community.

In addition, our Health & Education Awareness Series conducts engaging sessions aimed at fostering awareness and understanding among students, teachers, and parents. These sessions cover a spectrum of crucial topics, including lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, childhood obesity, and high blood pressure, along with mentoring students, career counselling, stress management, and other pertinent aspects of education.


The School Health Programme (SHP) is a health and hygiene awareness program run in municipal and low-end private schools to bring about behavioural changes in children and their families for overall community benefit.

SHP was started in the primary schools of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and Thane Municipal Corporation, to foster behavioural change among children, reduce morbidity and mortality from common infectious diseases, and promote overall health. The program has extended its impact to low-income private and public schools for broader community reach.

Navigating SHP: Our Interactive Approach

Since 2015, our School Health Program followed an on-site interactive approach, weaving essential messages into engaging stories using expert-reviewed Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials. Facilitators spark meaningful conversations, fostering long-term impact through animated stories and encouraging student participation, with badges awarded to active contributors.

Covid-19 prompted a shift in our approach, leading us to transition from on-site to online sessions starting in 2020. Despite the challenges, we continued our mission, crafting impactful digital presentations and facilitating interactive virtual sessions.

2015 – 2020: Topics covered and the impact (number of students reached):

Hand washing and personal hygiene

Hand washing and personal hygiene


Toilet etiquette and sanitation


Oral health


Safe drinking water


Healthy eating habits


2020 – 2022: Adapting to Change

Transforming On-site to Online Engagement Amidst the Challenges of COVID-19

2022 – 2023: Resilience in Action

On-site Revival and Impactful Health Camps

  • 10-day health camp in rural Maharashtra, reaching 5 schools and benefiting 1200 students along with approximately 4800 family members.
  • Additionally, 49 sessions were conducted across 6 schools in Mumbai, positively impacting 2396 students and approximately 9584 family members.


The Health & Education Awareness Series is a dynamic program designed to provide knowledge dissemination sessions. These sessions cover a wide array of topics related to health and science-enrichment education beyond the conventional school syllabus. Additionally, the series features interactive sessions on diverse career goals facilitated by specialists in the respective fields. Held either monthly or bi-monthly, both online and offline, these sessions actively engage students, teachers, and parents in meaningful conversations.

Holistic Awareness Initiatives

Health : Aligned with our overarching goal of safeguarding children’s health, we strategically select topics based on globally recognized health observances.

  • By centering discussions around specific diseases and health conditions on dedicated days such as World Obesity Day, World Heart Day, and World Diabetes Day, we not only raise awareness but also actively contribute to the advocacy and well-being of children.
  • This tailored approach ensures that our program remains focused on addressing critical health concerns affecting the younger generation.


Education : On the educational front, we organize mentoring & career guidance sessions, and discussions on other pertinent aspects of student life.

  • Engaging sessions with industry leaders e.g. Mentoring session by IBM team for our engineering students.
  • Career counsellors guiding students to explore new-age career paths
  • Psychologists and clinical counsellors offering valuable insights on managing examination stress and overall stress management.


These sessions provide a well-rounded perspective, equipping students with the knowledge and support needed for their academic and professional journey.

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