Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) program aligns with the bigger goal of Ekam’s mainstay programs of Surgery Support & Education Support by augmenting infrastructure and the capacity of schools and hospitals in our partnership. The program assists beneficiaries from economically marginalized sections of the society to have access to better education and health services at these facilities.


  • This vital initiative by Ekam is aimed at enhancing healthcare capabilities across our network of partner hospitals.
  • This program collaborates closely with medical institutions, offering essential equipment, specialized training for healthcare professionals, and critical infrastructure assistance.
  • Our mission is to uplift under-resourced hospitals, fostering improvements and elevating existing standards of care.
  • The program played a pivotal role during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing crucial support to our healthcare system when it needed it most.

Key Initiatives – Mission In Action

ECG Machine Support (2023)

In April 2023, Ekam Foundation Mumbai identified seven hospitals in Maharashtra requiring infrastructure upgrades to better serve vulnerable rural families. Recognizing the hardships faced by patients in these districts, who often struggle to travel to tier 2 or tier 1 cities for emergency treatment, our focus was on strengthening nearby hospitals. Additionally, a charitable hospital in Mumbai, known for providing substantial concessions to rural and tribal children undergoing life-saving surgeries, was included in our initiative. All eight hospitals were equipped with ECG Machines, boosting diagnostic capabilities by 400-500 investigations daily. This initiative is set to benefit over 3000 patients monthly, ensuring enhanced healthcare accessibility in underserved regions.

COVID wards across 5 districts (2021)

To support the fight against COVID-19, Ekam Foundation Mumbai provided ICU equipment to six hospitals across Meghalaya, West Bengal, Assam, and Maharashtra, with a total support of 1.3 crores. The equipment was specifically intended for the COVID wards in these hospitals and aimed to help them manage the increasing number of COVID patients and provide them with the necessary care and support. The ICU equipment included monitors, ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and other essential items required to manage critically ill patients. With this support, the COVID wards in these six hospitals were better equipped to handle the pandemic’s demands and provide quality care to patients in need. In all, 16 ICU equipment and 21000 medicines were donated across Maharashtra, Meghalaya, West Bengal, Assam, supporting 3000+ patients.

BKC COVID centre in Mumbai (2020-2021)

In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ekam Foundation Mumbai took a proactive step by sponsoring five units of MultiPara Monitors for the paediatric ward of BKC Covid Centre. These monitors were a crucial interim measure, ensuring the hospital had essential equipment to deliver proper care for paediatric patients during the pandemic. Vital for monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels, these monitors significantly enhanced the hospital’s capabilities. This donation empowered the paediatric ward of BKC Covid Centre to effectively meet the heightened demand for medical care, ensuring quality care for young patients in need.

Makunda Hospital Assam (2020)

In September 2020, through Ekam’s initiative and the generous support of the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, high-end life-support medical equipment was donated to the paediatric ward of Makunda Christian General & Leprosy Hospital in Assam – a valued hospital within our network. Focused on intensive neonatal care, this hospital receives numerous cases requiring specialized attention. The donation, encompassing a resuscitator, phototherapy equipment, warmers, and monitors, significantly enhanced the hospital’s capacity to promptly and effectively treat infants facing high-risk conditions.

Nurse Training Program (2015)

In 2014, Ekam Foundation Mumbai initiated a comprehensive Nurse Training Program in collaboration with Ber Jerbai Wadia Hospital and LTMG Hospital. This program, conducted under the auspices of IAP (Indian Academy of Paediatrics), focused on enhancing nursing practices, specifically the Neonatal Resuscitation Program – First Golden Minutes (NARP). Our dedicated team trained nurses and doctors, launching basic NRP for Nurses and advanced NRP for Doctors. This impactful training targeted healthcare professionals in Mumbai and Pune hospitals, contributing to the improvement of neonatal care.


  • This program aims to empower education for children in economically marginalized communities.
  • The focus is on creating an enriched classroom environment for students.
  • We strive to bridge the digital divide by equipping schools with the necessary tools for modern education.
  • Through this initiative, we provide support for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) labs, smart classrooms, and other essential facilities, ensuring students have access to digital information and communication vital for their education.

Key Initiatives – Mission In Action


Ekam Foundation supported six schools in Pune, Nagaland, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands by providing ICT labs and smart classrooms. This initiative has positively impacted over 3500 students.


ICT labs were set up in 6 schools in Maharashtra (5 in rural Kolhapur district, and 1 in Kalyan in Thane district), and 1 school in Garhwal, Uttarakhand in the Himalayan rural India, thus supporting 1000+ students from these schools.


  • Ekam Foundation Mumbai collaborated with Sanitation First, a London-based charity, to champion the installation of ECO-SAN eco-friendly toilets at Al-Falah School in Malwani, Mumbai.
  • Additionally, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Bombay and Eureka Forbes, Mumbai, Ekam Foundation Mumbai facilitated the installation of RO water purifiers in eleven schools in Malwani, Malad. This joint effort aimed to foster safe and hygienic environments in schools, promoting access to clean drinking water.

Since 2015, Ekam Foundation Mumbai has been dedicated to providing essential educational tools to schools, including desktop computers, printers, projectors, laptops, TV screens, and other study aids. This support has positively impacted over 10,000 children in tribal areas, orphanages, and government schools across more than 30 schools pan-India.

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