Thushara Setty

Khushi Kumari (SBFC)

Khushi Kumari is a 11 year old girl from Bihar. Her father is a security guard and her mother is a housewife.Khushi was born in a private hospital, where she fell from the nurse’s hand when giving her a bath and was diagnosed with cardiac issues.Khushi was doing well in her studies and other activities but faced breathlessness. However, her family was unable to treat her due to the lack of funds.

Adarsh Gend (SRT)

Adarsh Gend is a 6-year-old boy from Solapur. His father, Ajit is a teacher and his mother, Kaushalya is a housewife. He has a younger sister, Advita, who is 2 years old. His father is the only earning person in the family of 4 members.Adarsh was 11-months-old when he suffered from high fever and was taken to a local doctor. But did not recover so his parents took him to Rane Hospital for treatment. His checkup and blood tests were done and he was given blood transfusion as his HB and Platelets were low.

Ritik Amle (SRT)

Ritik Amle is a 5 year old boy from Badlapur. His father is a labourer and his mother is a housewife. Ritik has a younger sister, Vanshika who is his donor.Ritik was 1 years old when he started getting constant fever. His parents consulted several doctors, but Ritik had no relief. His parents then took him to LTMG hospital, when all their savings were exhausted.

Amudha V

Amudha is a student in 11th (Commerce) at St. Charles Women's PU College, Bangalore. Based on her hard work and dedication, she scored 92% in her 10th grade. Amudha has a younger sister and her mother works as a house help, making about Rs. 10,000 monthly. Her father is a cab driver and suffers from alcoholism. Whatever money he earns is spent on fuelling his addiction. He believes that spending on girls’ education is an unnecessary expense.

Monisha Vankudothu

Monisha is from Margadarshini High School, Yellandu (A.P.) studying in 10th class.

It was her birthday when she suddenly collapsed on the floor. Her father took her to the local doctor. After that she became very thin and nervous as she didn’t like to eat food. Then parents took her to MNJ Hospital, Hyderabad. She was diagnosed with Blood Cancer in 2017. Her treatment of chemotherapy was done in MNJ hospital, Hyderabad.

Dharunica P

Dharunica is studying in 10th class in Stansford International Hr.Sec. School, Puducherry. She scored 88% in 9th class and 90.20% in 8th class. She was living with her mother and one younger brother who is studying in 7th class in Bharati Vidyalaya in Puducherry. Her father was a car driver. During his duty on 23-05-2019, he met with a car accident and passed away.

Chadana M

Chandana is a student in 9th class in St.Francis De Sales Public School, Bangalore. She scored 92% in 8th grade. She has one elder sister who is studying in 11th class (Science). Her father is working as a daily wage worker who earns around 10,000 a month and her mother is currently working as house maid in Good Earth Palmgrove in Gerupalya, Kumbalgodu, Bangalore. Her salary is also 10,000 per month.

Thushara Setty

Thushara is a student at SSMRV College, Bangalore and studies in 3rd year B.Com. She lives in Sugatur village, Bangalore with her family in her own small house. Thushara’s father is the only earning person of the family. He runs a general store and earns Rs.10,000 monthly. Her mother is a housewife. Thushara has an older sister who is studying Horticulture studies and a younger brother who is in 10th class.

Thushara Setty

M Subbriya

M Subbriya is a student of Sankara College of Science and Commerce, Coimbatore doing B.Com.PA 3rd yr. She lives in a small village named Sivaganga which is located in Tamil Nadu.

Venukanti Nandini

Nandini is studying in Second year BBA in Chaitanya Deemed to be University, Warangal, Telangana. She is living with her mother and older sister, who is studying M.Sc. (Chemistry) and is trying to look for a job. Their rent is Rs.3,000/- per month. Her father passed away in 2014 due to a heart attack. Nandini’s mother lost her job due to the pandemic and suffers from health issues such as cholesterol, migraine and back pain.

Kailas S

S. Kailash is studying in 8th class in Stansford International School, Puducherry and has scored 92 % in 7th class. He is one of the brightest students in his class. He likes Mathematics and English subjects.He lost his father on 26th April, 2021 due to pulmonary tuberculosis and Covid Pneumonia. He was not doing any job due to his illness. Due to the father’s death, the mother has no money for her child’s education. His mother is managing with the help of her parents and brother.