Three months old Ketki (name changed) is the youngest of three daughters in a family of farmers hailing from Maharashtra. She had been suffering from excessive breathing issues and doctors detected a heart defect that needed complicated heart surgery that was quite expensive. The lockdown had restrained the family’s earnings and they did not have enough funds for the child’s treatment. Bhaskar (name changed), the only earning member, hoped that little Ketki would recover completely to have a happy and fulfilling life. So, when Ekam Foundation Mumbai stepped in to part-fund the surgery cost, it took off a huge weight from Bhaskar’s chest. “Ketki is my youngest daughter. Seeing our daughter fighting this severe disease at such a young age, we felt very helpless. We prayed for her suffering to end soon and thankfully we received your support on time.” – Bhaskar to Ekam Foundation Mumbai after his little girl came home from the hospital. This is Ketki on the right after the successful surgery.