An economically less privileged cultivator’s family in Chattisgarh was delighted when a cute baby girl was born. They already had a healthy and lively baby boy of five years, and now with a daughter, their small home was brimming with joy. But after a little while, they found that the baby Nikita (name changed) was having breathing difficulty and often turning blue. The local hospital told them to take the baby to a super-specialty hospital because she seemed to suffer from a heart problem. Baby Nikita was detected with a congenital heart problem that looked life-threatening. This kind of pediatric cardiac surgery is very critical and expensive. But Nikita’s father had one goal only – to save her life. After many discussions and searches, he came to Kolkata and met doctors from a super-specialty hospital renowned and reliable for pediatric heart surgery. The cost was huge even after the hospital discount, so the parents began to appeal for help. Ekam Foundation Mumbai came forward to support Nikita’s surgery. She was only four months old in March 2021. Two successful surgeries, Arterial Switch and VSD Closure, were performed that saved her life. A new life began for her, painless and healthy. The family is grateful to those who came forward to save their precious daughter’s life.